034 commentary

Swing and a *$@#ing miss.
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033 "your mom not included"

Further thoughts here.
Keywords: nintendo wii, wii, joystiq, wank, drama, toast, fanboys, hype, entitlement complex

032 "srsly"

This is where I get the last panel from.
Keywords: lonelygirl15, lonelygirl, youtube, Internets, internet drama, cnn, news, ARG, OMG ONOZ

031 "on mythbusters"

Seriously, I love that show.
Keywords: mythbustes, explosions, science, discovery, discovery channel, FTW, spork, MST3K, adam savage, jamie hyneman, kari byron, boobs, camera angle

030 "screw you, michael bay"

I wanna give a shout out to my homeboy Willis!

Seriously, I came up with this almost entirely as an excuse to use that font.
Keywords: transformers, dave willis, soundwave, superior, electronics, record store, work, glasses, ghetto blaster, robots in disguise, transformers movie, michael bay, shortpacked!