029 "more snakes on a plane"

Heh. The YouTube logo is beneath the fansubtitle. It should be above.
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028 "snakes on a plane"

For too long have we snakes been depicted in the media as vicious killers. Now there is a film coming that glorifies such snakesecution.

I speak, of course, of Snakes on a Plane.

This "summer blockbuster", this hate flick is being touted as a joke, a deliberately camp B-movie popularized by the Internets. I assure you, dear reader, that Snakes on a Plane is Serious Business.

There are already reports of anti-Snake violence, of snakes being harassed as Arabic people were after 9/11, or the Nazis persecuted the Jews. These "Snake Nazis" are profiteering off of our suffering, some going so far as to make t-shirts. They mus be found, and stopped.

Mr. Wood has graciously allowed us the use of his webspace to enable these words to stand alongside his commission for us. We beleive this budding cartoonist has a bright future ahead of him. Also, he was the only one who was willing to accept pay in flash drives.

Again, I urge you to take some time out of your busy schedule to stop, sit, and consider the plight of the snake in today's world. The system is against us, but with your help, we would like to turn this trend around.

Won't somebody think of the snakes?

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M.F. Snake

027 "that loved"

This actually happened. Except, ironically, it was after I had written the comic.

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M.F. Snake