009 dA/Reality

Aaand that's it for March.

BONUS 007/008

'fourth wall' 'breaking the fourth wall' 'director' 'screen bloom' 'title card' intertitle
I need a backlog. I have exams coming up soon, and these are until the final week of the month.

I really like the timing on the second one. I spent fifteen minutes looking for blood spatter brushes before I gave up and used the Brush tool. The n00b's text isn't supposed to be anti-aliased; that was Blogger's format conversion. It seems to change only some of the images, though. Does anyone know why this is?

Yay working ahead!
violence troll idiot beating bat baseball bat internet


006 "da bomb"

oscars bomb metaphor 'pod bay doors' 'Jon Stewart' 'oscar host'
Captain! I cannae keep her up!