16b "directives"

Part two.
Part one here.


16a "Directives"

We're trying something new, my pretties. This is a two part strip, showing how our protagonists react to what's basically the same situation. The second part will be up next week. It is totally not a cop-out because I planned to do a dual strip and got tired after this one. Really.

I didn't intend to give the two guys actual characterization. They were basically supposed to be red and blue mannequins, able to fit neatly into any situation. The latter, depicted in the comic, somehow became the 'simple' one. Not to say he's stupid; he just sees things in a more condensed way. This does give him exceptional ability to cut through BS, though subtlties sometimes elude him. His counterpart, the bitter individual featured in previous strips, is an analyst. He's driven by an need to catagorize, to organize. He also has trouble directly stating things, and thus, often resorts to sarcasm.

Crap, I just used up my punditry for next week.

015 demon's eye

Managed to get this done in a mere day.
Funny story; I got the first four panels done before I realized that the colors of our heros were wrong. Switched, finished the comic, uploaded.

About 60K, and mildly NSFW for violence.

014 "you're what make us"

Yes, obscure, I know.

I should have an actual funny comic up next week. Earlier than usual, since I'm going to my Brother's graduation for the latter half thereof.

About 60-odd K.