020 rings of khan

I'm not proud of this, but at least it's done. The inconsistent art absolutely kills the joke.
Keywords: star trek, captain kirk, james kirk, khan, parody, doughnuts, bakery

019 shinoBi

They actually say that in the dub. Really.
Keywords: naruto, webcomic, sporking, mystery science theatre 3000, mst3k, humour, dubs, cartoon network, naruto

018 d.o.a.

What happens when Seven of Nine meets a sign?

Daleks are technically mechs, and Robocop is a cyborg. Neither are actual robots.
Keywords: bad wolf, doctor who, dalek, kid, bookstore, FLCL

017 security issues

Have you noticed how every situation Jack is in seems to...escalate?

Almost 90K.
Keywords: Jack Bauer, 24, webcomic, Kiefer Sutherland, hamburgers, fast food, bump, rudeness