#013 you're a woman now

Despite my best efforts, these comics are increasing in complexity.

I should do something about that.

The title is a callback to this NSFW Wonder Showzen clip. Try to imagine the same voice at the ending over the last panel of this.

Warning, 132K.

012 "enter the ninja"

Inspired by what my mother says during commercials.
Warning, almost 100K.

Speak with your wallets, not with your lawyers.

Keywords: ninja, politics, smokebomb, McDonald's, fast food, Subway, victimization, store, Bad Wolf

011 kingdom hearts

This would explain a lot.
2001? Drugs.
The Super Mario franchise? Drugs.
The internet? Drugs.
kingdom hearts acid trip dreams fandom video games videogames.

(#010) guest comic 001 - shinga

shinga 'head trip' 'guest comic' bat remote
This was originally going to be an April Fools trade, but there were delays. Comic by the awesome Amanda Bussell, of Head Trip.